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  • Power industry

    In the power industry, SDL offers you analysis and measurement systems. We can measure all important process parameters enabling efficient process control°≠

  • Environmental protection

    Pollution of the environment has become a world-wide problem. SDL concentrates on solving environmental problems and providing complete solutions with a number of measurement products.

  • Metallurgy industry

    In the metallurgy industry, iron, steel and other metal smelting processes produce a lot of gas, and to analysis these gases has a very important role in optimizing production°≠

  • Cement industry

    In the cement industry and similar industries where the processes are centered on large industrial furnaces, SDL offers a wide range of continuous gas analysis systems.

  • Air separation

    SDL offers a wide range of gas chromatographs (GC) for air separation applications (ASU etc.). Our analyzers are typically used to control the production, storage and loading of the gases.

  • Chemical and petrochemical industry

    For the chemical and petrochemical industry, SDL offers a wide range of gas analysis systems.