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Third-party testing organization with national certification

Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the Environmental Pollution Treatment Facility Operation qualification certificate which is issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. The certificate grade is for automatic continuous monitoring of both water and gas and the certificate number is 3428.


Comprehensive testing & service

We have set up 72 maintenance and service stations nationwide. By the end of 2017, SDL is maintaining 2000 sets of testing equipment. 

SDL has formed an excellent technical team consisting of 716 operation engineers & technicians. After passing the professional training by our company and the environmental protection authorities, they obtain the related certificates to carry out the specified maintenance work with great responsibility.

Every service station is equipped with comprehensive spare parts and spare analyzers, convenient transportation, and communication tools. Established in the specified laboratories is allocated check monitoring equipment which realize operation and management testing. Maintenance files are established and various management rules and regulations elated on maintenance and service improved and strictly carried out.

In the process of maintenance and service, SDL provides customers with 24/7 service hours and strictly operates in accordance with the quality management system.


Professional and efficient testing & service spirit

Through supervision of the environmental protection departments and pollution discharge enterprises, we accomplish daily inspection, calibration and validation, actively work together with the environmental protection departments for examination, and timely respond, manage and report the accidents to ensure the effectiveness and upload rate of data.

Strictly complying with laws and regulations issued by the environmental protection department, SDL continuously improve the operation quality in order to provide effective data for environmental management work.

Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd. will gradually improve the flue gas online monitoring system and construct our company’s remote maintenance & service center, to achieve unified management of data from pollution source monitoring stations. 

SDLs service team all over the country are experienced service engineers available for our customers every service requirements, providing fast and effective response. We have set up a technical support hotline, where a senior engineer is available at any time to answer various technical questions in the use of the system.