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MODEL 1080-EO Electrochemical Oxygen Analyzer

The use of a fully sealed fuel cell oxygen sensor is one of the most advanced oxygen measuring methods in the world.

The fuel cell oxygen sensor is composed of highly active oxygen electrode and lead electrodes, immersed in a solution of KOH (anti-acid type). In the cathode oxygen is reduced to hydroxide ions, while the anode lead is oxidized. The KOH solution is separated from the outside world by a layer of polymer film. The sample gas does not directly contact the sensor so the solution and the lead electrodes do not need regular cleaning or replacement. The oxygen molecules diffuse through the polymer in an electrochemical reaction. The current generated in the electrochemical reaction depends on the number of oxygen molecules diffused, while the rate of diffusion of oxygen is directly proportional to the content of oxygen in the sample gas. Thus, the intensity of the sensor signal output is only associated with the content of oxygen in the sample gas, and not the total amount of gas through the sensor. 



This oxygen analyzer can measure trace amounts of oxygen in high-purity hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, methane, propylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. It can also measure the oxygen content in complex industrial gases like kiln gas, semi water gas, landfill-buried gas, and chemical synthesis gas. It can be used in application such as:

Cylinder gas tankers

Liquid nitrogen and liquid argon analysis

Air separation

Metal milling equipment analysis

Fertilizer industry

Coal gas

Waste disposal

Chemical synthesis

Scientific research



·         High accuracy

·         Fast response

·         Good stability

·         Long service life & maintenance-free

·         Long shelf life probe (over two years)

·         Low operating costs

·         Visualized flow control

·         High or low alarm with the overrun light alarm and output contact signal


Technical parameters