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MODEL 1080-TC Thermal Conductivity Analyzer

MODEL 1080-TC thermal conductivity analyzer is based on different gases having different thermal conductivities. The concentration of the component under test is measured by the difference in thermal conductivity between the background gas and the measuring gas.


Air separation processes

Hydrogen production processes

Fertilizer production

Chemical industry processes

Metallurgy processes



·         19" standard chassis, easily and simple install.

·         4-20mA analog output and relay contact output.

·         The needle twin sensors platinum wire thermal element surface is coated with a glass film and is not in direct contact with the gas to be measured, ensuring stable sensor performance.

·         Small in size and has good characteristics of sensitivity, shock resistance and corrosion resistance.

·         Menu-driven operation, Chinese and English shown on the big LCD screen.

·         Simple operation & quickly set up.

·         RS232 communication interface.


Technical parameters

          H2: 0~2%, 0~5%, 0~15%, 0~50%, 0~100%

          Ar: 0~2%, 0~5%, 0~15%, 0~50%, 0~100%