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SCS-900A Cement Industry Gas Analytics System

The SCS-900A is an online, continuous gas analysis system designed to automatically move the sampling probe in and out of high temperature furnaces. The system is mainly used in the cement rotary kiln, high temperature furnaces, and other high temperature and high dust industrial furnaces. Through continuous and accurate detection of kiln gas (including SO2, CO, NOX, O2, CO2, CH4, water vapor, etc.), the combustion efficiency and process in the kiln can be analyzed to optimize the production process, improve the quality of products, effect energy-saving emission reduction, and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises. High temperature gas analysis systems currently have two configurations: Single-sampling and dual-sampling. Dual-sampling systems sample the gas in the flue gas hour-by-hour to increase the effective analysis time, each with an independent filtration system and an independent purge system.


·         Mobile high temperature sampling probe can be applied to the flue gas with a max. temperature of 1400 ℃ and a dust content of less than 2000g/m3.

·         Advanced high temperature sampling pretreatment technology and online analysis and detection technology to achieve automatic continuous detection and analysis, data accuracy, system stability, anti-interference ability.

·         The system has automatic zero calibration function and air zero drift correction, saving maintenance costs and time.

·         High temperature sampling uses circulating oil cooling technology to control sample gas temperature above 140 °C to avoid depositing or corrupting pipelines and to protect the sampling probe in the furnace to reduce system maintenance and failure rate.

·         Safety measures to ensure the safety of the equipment. Even with a power interruption the system can automatically use the pneumatic drive rod to move out.

·         Intelligent purging method to ensure the sampling efficiency of the probe to ensure the gas flow.

·         Self-diagnosis function, the running system status of all-round monitoring and alarm, enabling customers to quickly get the system operating information to reduce the fault judgment time.

·         Modular system design, replacement and maintenance convenience, reduce maintenance and repair time.

·         Optional dual sampling system to achieve dual flow loop detection.


Technical parameters

Kiln chamber high temperature gas composition monitoring: CO, NOX, SO2, O2, CH4, CO2

Precalciner high temperature gas component monitoring: CO, NOX, O2, CO2, CH4, SO2