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SCS-900C Continuous Emission Monitoring System

This continuous emission monitoring system uses the cold-dry extraction method to analyze gaseous pollutants, simultaneously monitoring oxygen, temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and other parameters. Combined with data acquisition and processing software, data monitoring can be in accordance with the HJ/T212 standard communication protocol. The system is available as an explosion-proof type and a vehicle mobile type and has flexible configuration according to the site requirements, fully meeting the users needs.


Emission monitoring of pollution gases produced in industrial processes, monitoring and control of flue gas desulfurization in applications such as:

Thermal power plant

Iron and steel metallurgy plant

Industrial furnace, boiler

Cement plant

Petrochemical, chemical plant

Heating boilers



·         National production license for manufacturing measuring instruments.

·         Environmental protection product certification.


Superior configuration

·       Gas analysis using MODEL 1080 analyzer.

·       Particle monitoring by laser light-scattering method.

·       Temperature, pressure, and flow monitoring using integrated configuration and   transmitters such as SIEMENS and ROSEMUONT and other world famous brands.

·        According to the requirements of environmental protection, the standard gas can be fed from the sampling probe for system calibration.


Excellent stability and reliability

·        Anti-corrosion design of the whole system to ensure long term system reliability.

·        Effective anti-blocking method by which the sample probe will be cleaned by a high pressure and high frequency air sweep (backflush), to prevent flue gas contaminating the analysis components.

·       Effective and rapid cooling and drainage components, and a stable dew point to ensure the measurement accuracy of system.

·       Gas analyzer with nichrome wire light source for a service life of up to ten years.

·       Gas analyzer with zero point auto-correction with negligible drift.


Easy maintenance and convenient operation

·         Modular design allows on-site replacement of the module to shorten the maintenance down time.

·         Intelligent diagnosis and protection functions such as self-diagnosis, control loss protection, fault alarms, etc.

·         Straightforward operation of interfaces with text format menus.


System economy

·         Single point calibration of gas analyzer, reducing the amount of standard material.

·         No dilution gas required, greatly reducing the consumption of instrument gas.

·         Optional NH3 and TOC measurement to improve the utilization of the whole system.


Technical parameters

Monitoring composition:  SO2, NO, CO, O2

Detection principle:         NDIR: SO2, NO, CO, Electrochemical: O2

Measurement range:        SO2   0 - 500 ppm, 0 - 2500 ppm   

                                       NO   0 - 500 ppm, 0 - 2500 ppm

                                       CO    0 - 500 ppm, 0 - 2500 ppm

                                       O2     0 - 5 Vol %, 0 - 25 Vol %