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MODEL 9810 online monitoring system for COD in water

The MODLE 9810 online monitoring system for COD (chemical oxygen demand) monitors organic matter in sewage, wastewater, and surface water.


·    Simple, stable, accurate, and maintenance free measuring light paths by using the monochromatic light source and sensor.

·    Unique heating techniques to effectively oxide the dysoxidizable compounds (pyridine, aromatic hydrocarbon) in the wastewater from factories, and getting the COD values quickly in order to make continuous online measurement possible.

·     A peristaltic pump, a special trace reagent mixing device, a piston type solenoid valve, acid and alkali resistance, large diameters, and multiple seals ensure a long, maintenance free life time

·     Capable of storing measurement data for three consecutive years (12 times daily).

·     Can work in 3 different modes: fixed time interval measurement mode, manually setting the measurement start mode at the selected fixed hour (24 hour options), and the automatic starting mode trigged by sensing the intermittent discharge.


Technical parameters

Method basis: National Standard GB11914-89 water quality, measurement of chemical oxygen demand, potassium dichromate method.

Measurement range: 02000mg/l.