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Environmental Monitoring

The environmental monitoring central platform can achieve data acquisition, processing, report output and other functions for online pollution source monitoring, COD online monitoring and the noise online monitoring. The platform can collect monitoring data and system equipment status information, display various data reports and trend charts through the web-type, and provide the function of report downloading as PDF or Excel format.


The platform supports 212 protocols and can expand communication protocols according to the user’s requirements. It can also manage both flue gas and water quality online equipment at the same time and greatly facilitates implementation of the total monitoring system. Data reports provide a general data interface based on Web Service to ensure convenient access to other systems. A single communication service point supports 500+ online monitoring points simultaneously and can deploy multiple server communications by adding hardware in order to realizing load balance.

The communication status monitoring system can monitor the running status of communication services, details of load status, and communication status in great detail. It allows users to remote control the monitoring equipment in the field as well. Hence, the technical requirement of maintenance is greatly simplified and the operation cost of the system is greatly reduced.

The central platform is applied when establishing the AQMS stations and also in internal environmental monitoring networks for large steel plants, power plants, chemical plants, etc.