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MODEL 2030 Particle Concentration Analyzer

The MODEL 2030 is a new generation of online monitoring analyzer, with laser back-scattering measurement principle to measure flue smoke (dust) concentration. The analyzer can measure continuously and uninterrupted the emission dust in the flue gas of the pollution source in terrible ambient conditions, like wind, rain, thunder and lightning, dust, high and low temperature.


It can be widely used in cement, thermal power, steel, metallurgy, oil refining, aluminum, petrochemical, paper, glass and other industries. Applications include:

Emission monitoring of the pollution dust (CEMS)

Efficiency monitoring for the dust removal equipment

Combustion efficiency monitoring

Monitoring and control of the dust load of production workshops

Site dust monitoring for scientific research

Dust monitoring for occupational health protection in mining enterprises or other industries 



·         Digital signal processing technology, high detection sensitivity and high linearity, eliminating the influence of stray light and providing more precise measurements.

·         Optical power adaptive stabilization, to ensure stable light source detection.

·         Extremely low zero drift design technology and automatic zero calibration every 24 hours.

·         Resistance to terrible ambient conditions.

·         Online calibration, manual zeroing and span calibration without removing the analyzer.

·         The filter is not affected by sunlight.

·         Single flange installation, greatly reducing the precision requirements and installation complexity.

·         Simple and easy to install and maintain.

·         Wide range of output interfaces and extensible options.