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MODEL 1080-TM Moisture Analyzer

The MODEL 1080-TM Moisture analyzer uses the electrolytic method to measure the content of moisture in the process gas. Its suitable to measure the content of moisture in gases such as air, H2, O2, Ar, He, CO, CO2, etc. A certain flow rate of sample gas flows through the special structure of the electrolytic cell, the sample gas coats the internal surface of the cell causing membrane absorption, resulting in pyrophosphate acid which is reduced to P2O5. The electrolysis generates H2 and O2 which are discharged from the system with the sample gas.



Organic synthesis


Electronics industry

Air separation plant

Gas purification

Heat treatment

Pharmaceutical industry

Also suitable for moisture detection Cl2, HCl, SO2 and other strong corrosive gas.



·         Small electrolytic cell volume.

·         Compact structure.

·         Small background current.

·         Fast response.

·         High-precision pressure regulating valve can be set for high and medium pressure sample gas to overcome the inaccuracy caused by sample gas pressure fluctuations.

·         Can be equipped with a rhodium pool to measure moisture in H2 and O2 gas, completely eliminates the “hydrogen effect” and “oxygen effect” or secondary electrolytic effect.


Technical parameters