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MODEL 1080-PO Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

The MODEL 1080-PO Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is based on the direct measurement principle of the oxygen paramagnetic. Dumbbell-shaped magnetic sensing elements are suspended in a non-uniform magnetic field. Oxygen molecules are magnetized to change the magnetic field due to strong paramagnetic. A repulsive moment is generated to cause the dumbbell to deflect. The photoelectric system detects the deflection angle and converts it into an electrical signal. The output current signal is proportional to the oxygen content of the gas sample being measured, and has a strict linear relationship.



Flue gas of the electric power plant

Chemical processes

Petrochemical industry

Metallurgy industry

Laboratory analysis



·         Accurately measure the oxygen content

·         Intelligently remove gas without interference

·         4-20mA analog output and relay contact output

·         Fault self-diagnosis, digital communications capabilities

·         Good characteristics for accuracy and stability

·         Warm-up time: 30 minutes

·         Simple operation & quickly set up

·         RS232 communication interface


Technical parameters

     Minimum range: 0~1% O2

     Maximum range: 0~100% O2