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MODEL 1080 Explosion Proof Gas Analyzer

MODEL 1080 Ex is classified as the non-dispersive infrared gas analyzer, using the latest imported infrared detection technology. The working principle is based on certain gas absorption capacity; the extent of its absorption of infrared radiation of a specific wavelength of the infrared band depends on the measured concentration of gas.


Environmental monitoring

Flue gas analysis

Process gas components analysis in petrochemical, chemical, and metallurgy industries

Industrial furnace gas analysis

Thermal efficiency detection



·         Can continuous measure the gases SO2, NO, CO, CO2, CH4, O2, C2H4, C3H8, THC, R22, etc.

·         Simultaneous analysis of one to five components.

·         Explosion proof certified: Exd C T6

·         Multiple 4 ~ 20mA analog output and R232 signal output.

·         Smart analyzers, automatic calibration, fault self-diagnosis.

·         Good characteristics for accuracy and stability.

·         Menu-driven operation, Chinese or English LCD display, simple operation.

·         Ppm and mg/m3, optional engineering unit.

·         Warm-up time is extremely short.


Technical parameters

   SO2: 0~500mg/m3 to 0~20% (IR)

   NO: 0~500mg/m3 to 0~5000ppm (IR)

   CO: 0~ 500mg/m3 to 0~100% (IR)

   CO2: 0~500mg/m3 to 0~100% (IR)

   CH4: 0~500mg/m3 to 0~20% (IR)

   SF6: 0~500mg/m3 to 0~5000mg/m3 (IR)

   N2O: 0~500mg/m3 to 0~5000mg/m3 (IR)

   O2: 0 ~ 5% to 0 to 25% (electrochemical) 95% to 100% to 98% to 100% (magnetic mechanic)