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MODEL 9830 TCr Cr Water Quality Online Monitoring System

MODEL 9830 automatic online water quality monitor is an automatic monitoring instrument developed by our company with complete independent intellectual property rights. The instrument is based on national standard GB/T7467-87 Water Quality - Hexavalent Chromium Determination of Diphenylcarbazide Spectrophotometry and GB/T 7466-87 Water Quality - Total Chromium. The instrument can be long-term unattended.

Petrochemical and chemical industry

Mineral processing industry

Metallurgy industry

Electroplating industry

Wastewater treatment industry

Environmental protection related industries



·         Intelligent fault self-diagnosis function, instrument management and maintenance is very convenient.

·         Automatic range switching function without manual setting.

·         With anti-control function, all functions of the instrument can be controlled by remote central control to improve convenience.

·         Set sampling time, interval, telemetry and other sampling methods.

·         With network function, remote control over the network is possible.

·         Adopt self-developed multi-channel valve, anti-corrosion performance, long service life, safe and reliable.

·         The use of Panasonic imported PLC and other control components reduces environmental interference and equipment failure.

·         Powerful data storage capabilities, data storage up to more than 30,000 groups.

·         Convenient data export function, U disk direct export of historical data reports.


Technical parameters

  Measurement methods: diphenylcarbazide spectrophotometry

  Measuring range: (0 ~ 4.0) mg/l (can be expanded according to customer requirements)

  Accuracy: ± 5% (indication error)

  Repeatability: ≤ 5%

  Resolution: 0.001mg/l

  Measurement cycle: minimum measurement cycle 30min

  Measurement interval: interval mode (1 ~ 9999) min, external control mode, the whole point   mode (24 hours arbitrary setting)

  Calibration method: manual/automatic mode

  Service interface: RS232 or RS485

  Display: color touch screen

  Operation menu: Chinese

  Data storage: 30,000

  Analog output: (4 ~ 20) mA

  M T B F: ≥ 1440h/second

  Power: (220 ± 22) V AC, (50 ± 2.5) Hz

  Size: 1600mm × 600mm × 600mm