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MODEL 9830 TNi Ni Wastewater Online Monitoring System

The MODLE 9830 online monitoring system for heavy metals in wastewater can be applied to the continuous monitoring of nickel ions.

Surface water

Drinking water

Sea water

Industry wastewater

Industrial production process



·         Uniquely designed product with lower failure rate, lower maintenance, and lower reagent  consumption.

·         Precision measurement of reagent by the visual optoelectronic system, elimination of  error caused by abrasion of    peristaltic pump pipe to achieve the precise  quantitative of  trace reagent and greatly reduce the amount of reagent.

·         Multi-directional selection valve using advanced technology and smart diverse channels to  reduce the maintenance  and maintenance cost.

·         Avoids peristaltic pump corrosion due to the negative pressure suction which makes an air  buffer between the agent    and the pump.

·         Imported illuminant to improve the measurement precision and resolution significantly.

·         Precise temperature control technology to conquer temperature drift, ensures the sample  reaction at a more satisfactory    condition.

·         Imported modified PTFE transparent hose with diameter of greater than 1.5mm to reduce  effect on the system    measurement due to blocking of particles in water.


Technical parameters

Analysis method:        Colorimetry

Measurement range:  0.051.0mg/l