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The company's products are widely used for emissions and air quality monitoring and process analytical solutions in governmental programs and various industries including environmental, power, cement, iron and steel, air separation, and petrochemical. We also provide customers with tailor-made integrated solutions for analysis detection, automatic control, operation and maintenance, etc.

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SCS-900 Continuous Emission Monitoring System

This continuous emission monitoring system uses the cold-dry extraction method to analyze gaseous pollutants, simultaneously monitoring oxygen, temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and other parameters. Combined with data acquisition and processing software, ...

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SCS-900B Air Separation

Air separation plants are widely used in the process industries - metallurgy, sp...

MODEL 3080

MODEL 3080 is used to measure the concentration of SO2, NOX, CO, O2, CO2, CH4 an...

Environmental Monitoring

The environmental monitoring central platform can achieve data acquisition, proc...