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SDL Approved the Establishment of Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation

01 February 2016

 Approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Office, Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd established a workstation in December 2015 in Zhongguancun Changping Science Park to attract and cultivate high-level talents and providing a new platform to promote technological innovation and transformation ability.

For a long time, SDL has focused on technology research and development and cultivation of the talents reserve, forward-looking and technical personnel to the attention of the global technology industry to attract a large number of cutting-edge technical personnel. The accumulation of talents has brought about a variety of independent intellectual property rights, products and core technology improvements. This time, an important measure to implement the talent strategy and the establishment of post-doctoral research station SDL Company.

At present, SDL Company is actively integrating internal and external resources to create a good software and hardware environment for the effective operation of post-doctoral research station to boost the rapid development of enterprises.