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SDL Chairman Ao Xiaoqiang Donated 10 Million to Construct an Environmental Research Institute of Technology at the South China University of Technology

02 November 2015

 On November 2, 2015, a ceremony was held for the founding stone of the new Environment Research Institute donated by China University Alumni Ao Xiaoqiang. The executives of Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd and company chairman Ao Xiaoqiang, Party Secretary of South China University of Technology Du Xiaoming, deputy party secretary Liu Qijin, school leaders, teachers, and students attended the ceremony.

SDL has been fulfilling corporate social responsibility and also contributing actively to social welfare undertakings. The company chairman Ao Xiaoqiang personally donated to his alma mater, South China University of Technology, 10 million yuan. The donation will be used for the construction of an Environmental Research Institute of Technology.

At the same time, the school of environment and energy and SDL will build a research platform to promote research and deepen cooperation, support and cultivate more excellent talents of environmental protection industry, and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

SDLs chairman Ao Xiaoqiang said affectionately in his speech about recalling his youthful study time. He also mentioned that as people's current income levels rise and the number of middle-income people expands, the demand for environmental public services is growing and the supply lags behind Is rapidly rising to one of the prominent manifestations of the major conflicts in today's society. Environmental problems will be paid more and more attention to by the state and by the world. He hopes that fellow teachers and students can become colleagues, peers and competitors in building a blue sky together for the cause of developing China’s environmental protection.

At the same time, deputy party secretary of South China University of Technology, Liu Qijin said, Ao Xiaoqiang alumni are interested in the development of the school. After donating 500,000 yuan to establish the Xue Di Long Science and Technology Scholarship for the School of Automation Science and Engineering, they donated 10 million yuan to schools for promotion. The building of a high-level research university, the good deed of Ao Xiaoqiang's alumni, fully embodies the ambition and social responsibility of a successful entrepreneur and the love of the alma mater. The school must cherish this friendship and earnestly implement the donation support program.