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SDL Signed Environmental Regulation Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with the Leping Municipal Government

07 August 2015

 Recently, SDL and Leping Municipal People's Government signed an environmental regulation cooperation framework agreement. The two sides discussed Leping city and how to promote environmental protection and strive to form a nationwide demonstration effect. The agreement was signed to help solve environmental problems and achieve the goal of environmental protection, building a green Leping, ecological Leping, and let Leping people breath fresh air, drink clean water, enjoy the blue sky and green life. SDL will arrange the manpower resources, environmental protection and with years of environmental monitoring and environmental protection facilities operation and maintenance service experience for the construction and maintenance of specific projects in Leping city. According to the diagnostic needs, every year SDL will send an expert team to Leping city to find any problems and provide suggestions for solutions. SDL actively cooperated with the Leping municipal government to carry out environmental pollution prevention and control to achieve sustainable development. SDL will work with Leping city to strengthen technical exchanges for the training of Leping city on environmental protection monitoring, supervision, monitoring and other professional and technical personnel.