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SDL Successfully Held a Seminar on a New Technology of Near Zero Emission Particle Monitoring in Thermal Power Plants

12 December 2014

 On 3-5 December 2014, in order to further introduce the latest technology of near zero emissions and in-depth exchanges of the latest low particle concentration monitoring technology, Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd and the German company Fodex Corporation jointly organized a seminar in Wuhan, Hangzhou, China. SDL invited major power generation groups, desulfurization & denitrification engineering companies and other relevant units to come to the exchange, nearly 200 participants.

This seminar focused on a series of new product solutions for near zero emissions and monitoring particle matter in thermal power plants. Among them, the low concentration of dust pollution monitoring products can effectively eliminate the interference of water vapor in the flue gas particle measurement. Low particle concentration monitoring is especially suitable for GGH wet desulfurization conditions. Low concentration gas pollutant monitoring products are especially suitable for thermal power plant desulfurization and denitrification of low concentration gas monitoring at gas power plants and waste incineration power plants etc. Product Manager and CEO Dr. Foedisch, Germany, and Mr. Xu Bo from SDL made product reports and communicated with the participants who attended.