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SDL Invested 10 Million to Set Up a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Fully Involved in Environmental Monitoring Third Party Testing

26 May 2014

 Recently, Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd announced the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary - Beijing SDL Detection Technology Co., Ltd. The initial investment of 10 million yuan aims to start up comprehensive environmental monitoring and third party testing services. The key focus is on enterprises in the field of environmental monitoring and providing third party testing services.

It is understood that in the context of the reform of state-owned testing institutions, private third party testing institutions will usher in good prospects for development. SDL, through the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary, is hoping to seize the opportunity in this market and expand the scope of existing business as soon as possible, helping the company develop in the business of environmental protection - in line with the long-term development planning of the company.

With the establishment of the Beijing SDL Detection Technology Co. Ltd., the main business now covers laboratory testing services, field testing services (water, gas, soil, dust, nuclear radiation, noise, dust, sludge and solid waste), site investigation and assessment of pollution sources, safety technology consulting (excluding the national restrictions on the project), and domestic trade (excluding monopoly of goods).