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China's First Continuous Automatic Monitoring System for Gaseous Mercury Emission from Fixed Sources of Exhaust Gas with Independent Intellectual Property Rights Has Been Successfully Developed

12 May 2014

 Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd has successfully developed and tested a continuous automatic monitoring system prototype for fixed gaseous mercury emission sources. The technical indicators have reached the standards of similar international products, with stable and reliable performance, this system fulfills China’s needs in this field.


 At present, the mercury online monitoring system has been successfully tested on site, and the test results are good. The system can be applied to the demands of mass production industries, widely used in coal-fired power plants, waste incineration plants, metallurgical plants and other fixed pollution sources of mercury emissions.

The Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd development of this new system (SCS-900Hg) breaks the foreign products and market monopoly, enhancing the analytical instruments of national industrial competitiveness in China.