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Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Visited SDL

31 March 2014

    On March 28, 2014, the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Chief Engineer, Wan Ben Tai, visited Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd to investigate innovation in domestic environmental monitoring technology. The Ministry of Environmental Protection, the science and technology standards department, the environmental monitoring department, the general office, and the environmental monitoring department assisted in the research. SDL Chairman Ao Xiao Qiang and the executive team gave a warm reception and accompanied the process.

Ao Xiao Qiang, Chairman of the board, gave a presentation of SDL and introduced the guests to the main business and development situation. He spoke of core technologies, research and development, and research projects in the future business planning and so on.

Subsequently, the head of the research and development department reported about core technology breakthroughs and the main focus – the development of atmospheric mercury/flue gas online monitoring equipment and the application of online portable monitoring equipment for VOCs on fixed sources of waste gas.


    Finally, Chief Engineer Wan Ben Tai, pointed out his concluding remarks and expressed his appreciation for the outstanding achievements of SDL in the field of environmental monitoring and its sustained high growth. He said that the company’s emphasis on technological innovation and continuous investment in R&D are of great importance in driving the future development of the monitoring and denitrification market.