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SDL super low emissions VOC products were successfully selected in the top 100 environmental technologies by the Ministry of Environmental Protection

12 June 2017

 The Ministry of Environmental Protection organized the second “Top 100 International Environmental Protection Technology Platform” selection on June 12, 2017. Held to support key tasks such as emissions, monitoring and control of atmosphere, water and soil pollution. The awarding ceremony was held at the International Conference Center. SDLs ultra-low emission flue gas online monitoring system and fixed pollution source monitoring system of VOCs were named 2017 annual international environmental protection technologies.

For ultra-low emission monitoring, SDL can provide cold-dry and hot-wet flue gas continuous monitoring systems, diluted extraction continuous monitoring systems, low particle concentration monitoring and matrix flow monitoring systems. Among them, the cold-dry fully extractive type of flue gas emission monitoring is specially developed under the requirements of ultra-low emissions. This system combines advanced water removal and filtration dust pretreatment systems, and is equipped with a high-precision non-dispersive infrared analyzer. It has many advantages, such as high measurement accuracy, low detection limit, no interference from water vapor, etc., and it is especially suitable for flue gas monitoring in high humidity and low concentration environments.