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SDLs VOCs Monitoring Products Received Great Attention at CIOAE 2016.

24 November 2016

 On November 22-23, the Ninth China International Forum and Exhibition of Online Analytical Instrument Application and Development (CIOAE 2016) was held in Beijing National Convention Center. The conference by China Instrument Society Analysis Instrument Branch was organized by Beijing Zhongyi Eagle International Exhibition Co. Ltd and Beijing Eagle International Exhibition co. Ma Zhongkun from Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd introduced SDLs VOCs monitoring solutions. VOCs monitoring technologies include sensor technology, spectrum technology, chromatography technology and mass spectrometry technology. Spectroscopy is a multi-component fast measurement and it is easily affected by meteorological conditions. The chromatographic technique of high measuring precision offers a wide range but with a long measurement cycle. Mass spectrometry technology of high measuring precision offers wide range, high speed, and low detection limit, but it cannot distinguish between isomers and the price is expensive. The related products include fixed pollution source monitoring system, VOCs monitoring around the factory boundary, small station of environmental quality, long path Fourier infrared gas analyzers, and odor monitoring systems.