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SDLs Water Quality Integrated Toxicological Monitoring Products Were Selected for the "2016 Advanced and Practical Water Conservancy Technology Promotion Guidance Directory"

16 September 2015

 Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources Technology Promotion Center, to promote key areas of water conservancy and key aspects of technological upgrading, organized the "2016 key advanced water conservancy practical technology guidance directory" review. Beijing SDL Technology Co., Ltd. ranked as the only toxicological warning technology.

    The MODEL 9880 water quality online monitoring instrument is a toxic substance detection device based on the microbial fuel cell principle. When toxic substances are introduced, the activity of microorganisms is inhibited, the charge generated by cytochrome is reduced, and the sensor current is changed. Whether or not the toxic substances flow in is determined according to the reduction of the current peak value.

    This equipment has strong anti-interference ability and is suitable for national water quality monitoring stations (water, rivers and lakes), tap water plant monitoring, industrial sewage and other types of entrance flow of water. It can respond to up to 5000 kinds of toxic substances, and the sensitivity is high, the daily management is simple, and the running costs are low.