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Service Engineer

Service Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1, process instrumentation and system factory testing and acceptance;

2, process instrumentation and system site installation, commissioning, maintenance, training and acceptance;

3, process instrumentation and system remote technical support;

4, process instrumentation and system testing and maintenance of the factory.

job requirements:

1, undergraduate (including) above, with relevant industry experience can relax requirements (not less than specialist);

2, automation, instrumentation and sensors, electronics, mechanical and electrical integration and other science and engineering professionals, instrumentation and sensor professional priority;

3, more than 1 year technical work experience, relevant industry experience is preferred;

4, be proficient in reading English technical documents;

5, proficient in a variety of office software and industry software (office \ AutoCAD, etc.)

6, with good language skills, with technical exchange and training capabilities;

7, with good writing skills, with technical exchanges, summary, feedback, reply, suggestion ability;

8, warm and cheerful personality, willing to communicate, good at communication; good teamwork, good at organization and cooperation; hard-working, able to adapt to long-term business trip, can withstand greater pressure on work.