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To strengthen the environmental monitoring and process analytics industry in China.

We are committed to focusing on the world’s environmental challenges. Our goal is to constantly develop our green technologies and to provide the best quality products and solutions to our customers.



To be a first-class environmental monitoring corporation in China and create a world leading analyzer brand.

We strive to improve our core competences in areas of technology, engineering, products and solutions to achieve our mission.


Market leader

SDL was established in September 2001 and is focused on environmental applications especially emission and air quality monitoring. We have successfully established ourselves in the Chinese market and are today the market leader in emission monitoring. SDL has received numerous honors and awards such as; Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate, Certificate of Operation Service Ability for Automatic Monitoring System, and is amongst the Forbes top 100 most potential listed companies in China.


Environmental solutions

Our products are widely used for emissions and air quality monitoring and process analytical solutions. We deal in governmental programs and various industries including environmental, power, cement, iron and steel, air separation, petrochemical, etc. We also provide customers with tailor-made integrated solutions for continuous monitoring, automatic control, operation and maintenance, etc.


Service worldwide

Our HQ is located in Northern Beijing, China, with more than 70 branch offices strategically located around China. We are a listed company in China with approx. 1.500 employees, where more than 50% works in sales and service. In addition, SDL has three subsidiaries in China and two overseas, Orthodyne S.A. in Belgium and Kore Technology Ltd. in the UK. We also have 10 joint ventures in China to strengthen our offering of environmental solutions.